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HF burn ointment

To Prepare Calcium Gluconate Gel:

Heat a measured amount of K-Y Jelly (Johnson & Johnson) to 50-60 C
(typically 395 grams).

Add a 2.5% by weight (9.9g) of calcium gluconate, reagent grade,
slowly with good stirring until all dissolved.

An alternate method of adding the calcium gluconate is to add 2
grams and stir in until mostly dissolved, then add the remaining
calcium gluconate (added to 35 cc of H2O) with good stirring until
dissolved into the jelly.

Finished gel will be water-clear with many air bubbles that can be
removed by allowing the bubbles to rise to the surface after

I can spare up to qty 25, 10 gram samples of calcium gluconate for
those in need. NC