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Hexane vs. Octane

Dear Pat, The liquid fuel which You are using is a chemical compound
N- Hexane { C (6) , H (14) } -6 Carbon Atoms with 14 Hydrogen atoms in
a stright, unbranched chemical chain . This is very like the
Chemical compound " Octane " { C (8) H (18) } which should sound
familiar as it is the Standard { 100 Octane } against which Gasoline ,
a complex mix of organic chemicals is compared as a fuel . The
term " Normal " means a stright and unbranched chemical chain .
This fuel can only be an improvement over using gasoline which can
contain lots of toxins. This is not to say that N - Hexane is not
toxic, just that it should be much less toxic than gasoline which can
contain many hidden toxic chemical additives . ( Better the Devil You
know than the Devil You don’t know ) This fuel is MUCH safer than
Benzine . I will try to attach a link to MSDS Online. I will try and find out more about this fuel, but
it should be considered only a step in the right direction and perhaps
not the final destination. If You would , please send me
of the construction and manner of use of these liquid fuel
torches. These torches sound much like torches used in Mexico and
other parts of Latin Americia .

Respectfully Yours,
Robert L.Powell