Hermes pantograph engraver font set

For those of you who are following Laura Brito and the charitable
workshop that she has established in Mexico, you will be happy to
know that the workshop has continued to grow. Laura now teaches
metalworking skills to 6 young women and 2 young men, and their
sales support 8 families, albeit at a very meager level.

Laura was able to obtain a used Hermes Minigraver. Engraving is
something that her customers have been asking for. To get the most
benefit, the workshop needs a smaller engraving font set than came
with the panograph (smaller than 20mm). If you have a font set that
you are able to sell for a reasonable price (or hopefully might be
able to donate ;-)), please let me know.

Also, with the growth in the workshop and the charity work that she
does, Laura is also in need of some tools. Several of you have
donated hand tools and other items in the past and it helped so
much. Thank you. In particular, she is in need of all sizes of files
and a flexshaft. Of course, any other extra tools that you want to
pass along are always appreciated!!

You don’t even have to worry about international shipping. Anything
that I can gather (here in the US) I will repackage and send on to
her in Mexico. And just to remind you, the workshop is not a
competitor for any of you.

Most of their work is producing copper blanks along with some
lampworking beads.

Please check out her website and let me know if you have engraving
fonts orany of the other items. Thanks so much to all of you.

Jamie King,