Herman's Simply Clean Collectors Silver Polish is now available!

Hello all!

Have you been searching for a non-toxic, earth-friendly, and mild but effective silver polish that
won’t destroy your silver and kill you with nasty vapors? It’s here!

As you know, I’ve been a professional silver restorer and conservator for over three decades and
have corrected an enormous amount of silver abuse. That’s exactly why I developed Herman’s Simply
Clean. This product gently and completely removes tarnish while leaving the object’s surface the way
it was prior to tarnishing. I’m using it in my own practice when removing tarnish from baby spoons
to important museum objects.

I know you’ll enjoy using Herman’s!

http://www.hermans-silver-polish.com http://www.hermans-silver-polish.com

Jeffrey Herman, ASAS, FIPG

Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation

Herman’s Simply Clean Collectors Silver Polish

PO Box 786

West Warwick, RI 02893 USA



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Hi Jeffrey,

I would like to support the community and try out your polish.
(I do not see an “add to cart” button on the link you provided…should I just email you? please advise, thank you!)

Also, is there a particular type of cloth that you recommend or sell? Or would I just be rubbing on with fingertips and then rinsing off?


Hi Jeffrey,

oops! never mind, I figured out how to place an order!

(I just hover and click over the “USA RETAIL orders” description toward the bottom of the page)

Is there a particular polishing cloth you recommend using with your product? Or would I apply with fingertips, rub on, and just rinse off? please advise, thank you!



I suggest using a cellulose sponge, cotton ball, or cotton makeup pad.


Hi Jeffrey,

Ok, great! I cannot wait to receive it!


@wldlzrd1 and @Jeffrey_Herman2 … I went to the site too and the links are a bit hard to click. Might hurt sales, so for anyone interested, I grabbed and formatted the relevant purchase links directly below.

Retail Purchase page

Wholesale Purchase page with credit card

Wholesale Purchase page with paypal

Thank you, Seth, although all you have to do is hover over the option you want and click. I’ll increase their size.



no worries agreed - I definitely figured it out, but because of @wldlzrd1’s report I figured I’d just re-post the direct links here just in case anyone had trouble. I will look forward to trying this out myself!

Hi Jeffrey,

If you decide to make changes to the page, may i suggest you make the links a color other than black, so they stand out from regular text…perhaps a royal blue…i think that is a commonly used link color.

just a thought.

best regards,

Thank you, Julie!


Hi again,

And I just recalled that when you hover over an active link, it often highlights as well so you get a visual that it is an active link…