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Here is that tool list again, and thanks

Hi all, Thanks to those who added corrections to the earlier list
of tools to consider for safety in terms of type of
function and processes used. While this tool list cannot be a
complete one (as was pointed out correctly by Valerie Odewahn) I
would like to have it more or less accurate. Anyone who spots
changes that should be made in terms of additions of tools likely
to be found in a workshop please email me off-list at
@Charles_Lewton-Brain and make addtions to this list in ALL CAPS
so I know what they are (and no I won’t think you are


Tools often found in a jewellery workshop DRAFT COPY
Lewton-Brain 1998

Measuring and fitting tools
15 cm steel ruler
needle or fine scribe
prick punch
Small try square
degree gauge
Vernier calipers
3+ pairs of dividers
center finding tool
German style adjustable precision filing block
Silversmithing measuring tools
bench knife
fine tweezers
X-Acto type knife
10X loupe
Stereo microscope

Personal protective equipment
safety glasses
Shaded glasses for work involving infrared, ultraviolet and sodium flare
face shield
ear muffs or plugs
dust mask
gloves for the appropriate uses
Tweezers for picking things up
Ventilation system
Dust collection system
fire extinguisher
emergency shower
eye wash
first aid kit
fire blanket
fire proof coveralls or aprons
visorless caps or other head covering to keep materials away from hair
Barrier creams

flat nosed pliers
round nosed pliers
chain nosed pliers
parallel pliers
ring bending pliers
draw tongs
vise grips
half round pliers
good snips
side cutters
end cutters
specialty pliers (riveting, thin, small, bent etc.)

Needle Files
sets of needle files, 20 cm long ones from Germany are my favorite
miniature needle files
riffle files (not absolutely important)

Hand files and rasps
6" flat hand file #2 medium cut
6" half round #2 cut file
very large coarse bastard file
coarse rasp
Coarse wax files
set of reamers
large set of heavy duty reamers

Cutting and sawing
quality 3-4 inch throat jewelers saw frame
quality 6-8 inch saw frame
saw blades # 2, 1, 0/1, #0/2, #0/3 , 0/4, 1/6, 1/8, spiral
V-board or bench pin
Hand hack saw
power hack saw
band saw
miniature table saws (for factory production)
6-10" lever shear
Guillotine Shear
Hand snips
Hand shears
Aviation snips
disc cutting set
large disc cutting set
Angle grinder and cut-off wheels
Bolt cutter (sprue cutter)

bench hammer (goldsmith’s hammer)
Riveting hammer
Chasing hammers
Texturing hammers
Selection of raising, planishing, forming and forging hammers, more if
silversmithing jobs done.
ball peen hammer
Rough claw hammer
Reciprocating hammer hand piece for flex shaft

medium leather mallet
large leather mallet
dead blow mallet
paper mallet
plastic mallet (Delrin=AE, Nylon etc)
rubber mallet
horn mallet

Stakes and mandrels
Stakes, Snarling irons, stake holders, extension arms (for silversmithing)
bench anvil, bench block or flat steel surface plate (granite surface
plates too)
ring mandrel
bracelet mandrel
round bezel mandrel
oval bezel mandrel
square bezel mandrel
Other shapes of bezel mandrels (octagonal, rectangular etc)
Bezel blocks for forming tapered bezels
dapping block
set of dapping punches
swage block
Wooden stump for forming into
Sand bag
Plastics such as Aquaplast=AE for making dies and protective jaws for pliers=
Ring sizing equipment

Rolling mills, wire and sheet
Draw plates, round, square, 1 each, large sizes, oval, triangular, chaton
Draw bench
Hydraulic press
Arbor press
Screw press
Drop press

Clamps and holding methods
small hand vise
ring clamp
ring holding tools for polishing
Benchmate system
Pin vises
self-locking pliers or various kinds
Tube cutting jig
small bench vise
large bench vise
universal position vise
Blacksmith’s post or leg vise
engravers ball
stonesetters ball
Spring clamps

pitch bowls and pitch
pitch sticks
shellac (I hate the stuff and never use it)
sealing wax
hot glue

White glue
Rubber cement
Super glue
silicone caulking compounds
latex cements
Masking tapes and adhesive tapes and papers

Drilling and small rotary tools
foredom or equivalent flexible shaft
#30 Jacob’s chuck hand piece
high speed hand motor reversible flex shaft tool hand piece (Micromotor)
Bench drill press
chuck key
Drill bits
Hand drill
sets of round burs, cylinder burs, taper bore burs, bearing cutters, rotary
files setting burrs, flame burs
miniature polishing buffs and brushes
Miniature grinding stones
Good assortment of flexible shaft tools and options
3/8" reversing electric power hand drill
Carpenters size drill bits and spade bits.
metal lathe or watchmakers lathe

Engraving tools
beveled gravers
flat gravers
oval gravers, left and right
round gravers, left and right
florentine finish graver
knife gravers
other assorted gravers
millgrain wheels
gravermax, Gravermeister or similar power engraving system
Chasing tools and stamps
Metal carving chisels
set of letter stamps
set of number stamps
set of quality stamps
Trademark stamp

Abrasive and finishing methods
sheets and emery sticks, each emery paper: 220, 320, 400, 600 grits
Hand sanding tools
Power sanding tools
Small belt sander for bench top
hand brass brushes
Powered brass brushes
burnishers (stone and steel)
Scotch stones and carborundum stones
Corundum sharpening stones and points.
Assorted grades of steel wool
pumice powder
Other abrasive powders (silicon carbide etc)
Trumming strings

Abrasive blaster (and abrasive grits suitable such as glass beads)
Polishing machine
dust collection system
Grinding wheels
Swinging matting brush
bristle brushes for polishing motor
leather wheels
wooden wheels
inside ring buffs and cup shaped buffs
Polishing compounds
brass brushes for machine
brass brush for hand use
tooth brush
steel brush for machine
steel brush for hand use

Cleaning and Degreasing
ultrasonic cleaner
Ionic cleaner (Speed-Brite=AE)
Stainless steel pots
Electrocleaning solution
Dishwashing liquid
hot plate
Steam cleaner

mini torch
B tank Prestolite=AE system
natural gas/air or natural gas/oxygen system
oxy-propane system
oxy-acetylene system
oxy-hydrogen system or ‘Water torch’
‘Bernz-o-matic=AE’ type acetylene torch
Butane miniature torch
Alcohol or oil lamp for blowpipe soldering
Gasoline torch (not recommended-common in Asia)
foot bellows for older torch systems
electric soldering machine
electric soldering iron
Compressor system

Soldering and melting equipment
Batterns or Prips and Handy Brazing flux
flux brushes
long sturdy soldering tweezers
binding wire selection
soldering tweezers
self-locking tweezers
third arm and tweezers
soldering weights
Syringe without or with needle for applying liquid fluxes
ingot molds
soldering picks in titanium and steel
pouring crucibles
large baking tin as pouring surface to catch spills
copper scoops for delivery of materials into crucible
Graphite, iron, titanium or quartz stirring rod
Light refractive fire brick
Ceramic honeycomb block
charcoal block
graphite block
Soldering rotating pan
Tripod and screen
asbestos-free ceramic soldering block
cuttle-fish bone
soldering investment (such at Kerr Quickset #@ investment stone)
Anti-heat pastes, clays and gels
Solder-flow retardants (yellow ochre, china white, graphite, rubber)
torch striker
Welding goggles
Heat proof gloves

Copper tweezers
crock pot for pickling
Baking soda as neutralizer
Powdered borax (best is anhydrous)
Water quench

Vacuum investing system
Vacuum casting system
Centrifugal casting system
Rubber sprue bases and flasks
kiln controller
flasks, sprue base
Triple beam balance
Accurate scale
rubber mold vulcanizing press
small, medium, large mold frame
Rubber mold material for vulcanizing
injection formers for rubber mold
Sylastic=AE and other molding systems (alginate, plasters etc)
scalpel handles and curved, straight blades
Wax injection system (and waxes)
Hot wax pot
Hot wax tool
Wax working scrapers
Wax burrs and files
Wax smoothing tools and solvents (avoid solvent use)
Step ring mandrel

Gemmology Equipment
refractometers and light source
microscope cells
specific gravity liquids test kit
immersion liquids
specific gravity balance
diamond tester
jewelers eye
infrared refactometer
strainless glass sphere
fiber optic light
prism spectroscope
diffraction grating spectroscope
Various filters
ultraviolet light source (SW and LW)
hardness pencils or points
streak plate
diamond tweezers
reference books, journals
X-ray machine
Other laboratory gemmological equipment

Lapidary equipment (wheels, belts, saws, carving tools, cutting oils etc)

Chemical usage
fume hood
Chemical storage
patination solutions (‘oxidizing’ solutions)
Plating solutions
Metals testing solutions (also electronic metal testers)
lab aprons etc
safety glasses and appropriate safety precautions and equipment
cloves appropriate to the chemical
tongs and tweezers
Etching equipment
Hot plate
Electroplating rectifier

Reference books
Journal subscriptions
AV materials (video tapes)
Computer for office, back up hard drive
Modem/internet connection
CD player for computer
Photocopy machine
fax machine

Procedures using chemicals
cleaning and degreasing
drawing, painting and rendering
Adhesive use
finishing and sealing procedures
Wax working
Mold making
lapidary work
metal identification
anodizing aluminum
anodizing titanium
patination and antiquing

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