Here is a Repair Price List

Hello all~

I am a bench Jeweler and have been doing a lot of reasearch for
Jewelry repair price lists and it has been a big struggle as many of
you are probably aware. I have read about Dave Gellers blue book But
could never afford that But hey if any of you like what i have made
feel free to donate via paypal :slight_smile:

Please Download and SEND ME YOUR FEED BACK on the prices I would Like
to take the time to get your ideas on setting a new standard for
pricet that we can submit to all Jewelry stores Malls and whom ever.

So please respond with your prices by modifying the ones in excel
with red font and send it back to me. I would like to get an industry
standard price list made by september. where we can all Fax a copy to
everyone (jewelry store) (mall or not) we know and get everyone on

This list is made to be printed out on 1 sheet front and back than
laminate as a quick Guide Please send me your ideas and price changes
and i will follow up often with new lists.


I unfortunately have little use for such a list As I am just a lowly
Silver/copper Smith

The lowest of low, I work in Copper And not in 18k proper

Silver is the metal I choose for me In this turbulent economy

Where I work dictates this say At Farmer’s Markets 14K?

And Street fairs, garb gatherings To invest, be stuck with such grand

Please amend this list with silver wage And I’ll uphold it as a guage

It stands I cannot use such list As I am just a Silver/copper smith

Given to stone in crystal I shine

TL Goodwin
Lapidarian Metalsmith

Hi Brian,

Congratulations for setting your own prices. How you arrived at
those prices need not be divulged, but they are right for you.
Compared to mine your prices are in the ball-park; some bits a little
higher and others a little lower. The main point being that those are
YOUR prices based on your experience and the type of work that comes
your way.

I am most interested in the view that bench jewellers must set the
price of their work and not customers who include retail jewellers.
If a retail jeweller (or worse, a customer) tells me that he/she will
pay no more than $… for a certain job, I give them my price - take
it or leave it. It is their problem to add the keystones or whatever
and make a decision.

My price list is a living document - it has been growing and
evolving for 12 years and will continue to evolve. It is mine based
on my experience and will not be swayed by any other price list. Many
bench jewellers will not be able to do this, so the work you are
doing will be in demand and I wish you success.

Regards, Alastair

Brian Good work

You prices are generally higher then mine. Should should make good
money now. Just stick to them.


David Geller