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Help with torch selection

Hello Orchids,

My Miniflam is a great torch, problem is, its small tips won’t allow
me to work on large pieces because I require more BTUs. I had a Smith
jewelers torch years ago, but sold it because it required me to used
shaded glasses. And that’s the rub. I despise wearing them because I
don’t get a clear enough view of what I’m brazing. I’m looking for a
torch that will allow me to, for instance, braze a finial to a
coffeepot cover without having to heat a large area. I can’t use a
laser welder because I need the solder to flow throughout the entire
joint. Plus, lasers can’t handle large pieces of holloware.

Does anyone know of a very hot torch that doesn’t require shaded

Many thanks,

Jeff Herman


I think it is the fuel you are using that is causing you trouble,
not the torch handpiece.

It sounds like you where using the Smith torch with an
Oxygen/Acetylene mix. That would require welding goggles, BUT if you
used the Smith torch with an Oxygen/Propane mix you could get the
heat you need without having to wear welding goggles.

You could use the Smith with an Oxygen/Natural gas mix too. Most
economical. It is what was used at the UW for Hollow ware raising.
You’d want to use a fairly large torch tip for a coffee pot lid.

Nanz Aalund

Hi Jeff,

the only real silversmith I know uses a torch like this the T4, basically a big
bushy flame.

If you are working in silver, with its high thermal conductivity I
can’t really see how you can braze a long join and not heat up the
rest of the piece. People do use TIG welders for this but you are
back to shaded glasses again.

Tim Blades