Help with European measurements

Can any of our European members explain these measurements? I’m confused by how they’re using a fraction rather than mm or cm…

“Épaisseur du lingot au départ : 95/10 laminé à 50/10 sans recuit.
Épaisseur de départ pour le motif tétralobé : 43/10
Plané pour le corps au départ : 30/10 façonné à la lime.”

It’s from a discussion on a French forum strictly for jewelry fabrication processes. I can read enough French to get the gist of the instructions, but I’m stumped at how they always describe measurements. Thanks in advance.

I think perhaps he or she is saying “the ingot was initially 95 by 10mm, reduced to 50 by 10 without annealing…”

The only French measurement I know of that uses slashes is catheter size, but the pics in that forum don’t show any tubing being used.

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Could you pass on the link to the forum? My associate is a jeweler and fluent in French.

I found the forum at : Bague tétralobée serti grenat

Google translated that section as:

Thickness of the ingot at start: 95/10 rolled at 50/10 without annealing.
Starting thickness for tétralobé reason: 43/10
Plané body from: 30/10 fashioned lime.

I think tetralobe means four lobes. Don’t know about Plane’ body.

Yes, that’s the forum. I can stumble through enough of the French to get the gist of things, especially with photos attached, but I keep seeing this style of measurement and I’m not sure what they’re doing.