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Help with 24K inlay on lapis


I’m new, so if this is incorrect, in the wrong place, let me know.
I have a lapis ring in for repair to the 24K inlay.
The inlay part is maybe an arabic letter in a flat lapis stone.
The problem is the groove in the lapis is V shaped, there is no undercut to mechanically hold the gold.
What cement or epoxy do I use?
Do I shape the wire to fit in the grooves then cement, then hammer in?
Is there a certain way to hammer in V grooves?
I will send a pic a soon as I figure out how.


Don’t hammer just glue with a good quality jewelry epoxy then polish off to the top of the stone surface. Lapis won’t take hammering. That’s an advanced job but take your time and make sure the gold piece fits well before gluingShannon


Thank you so much!