Help! What gems do they like in Taiwan?

I’m currently working on an article for Colored Stone magazine
on the market for colored gemstones in Taiwan, and I could really
use some help. Does anyone out there know anyone based in Taiwan
and/or have made trips to Taiwan? Is there anyone who might be
willing to share their observations about jewelry made in Taiwan
and/or colored stone jewelry sold for domestic consumption? I’ve
done some background research, and I’m familiar with Taiwan’s
history, but so far I haven’t unearthed a single bit of
on the market for colored gemstones or the export of
colored stone jewelry from Taiwan. I’m hoping someone on this
great list might have some experiences they’d be willing to
share, or know someone who’d be willing to talk to me for the
article. Any help is appreciated!

I can be reached via e-mail at or via phone at
508-339-7366. Thank you!

Suzanne Wade

Hi! You can check with the publisher of jewellery magazine in

Address : Mr Johnny Chiu, Director, Jewelry Circles Magazine,
12F, 512, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel:
886-2-7584966, 758-4981, Fax : 7582975.

Or Mr. Wu Shun Tien, 17F-1, No.211, Chung Cheng 4th Road,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 801. Tel: 886-7-216182 or Fax : 2515820.

Hope that will help.

With best regards,

Tay Thye Sun