[Help] Recutting a round gem

I have a friend with an old fashioned filegreee mounting. The stone is
7.5mm garnet which is cracked. He gave me a 10mm round garnet and wants
me to cut the finished stone into a 7.5mm hexagon to fit the mounting.
Would it be possible to dop the pavillion, square the round stone to a
hexagon shape and then cut the table. Would this be the way to do it? any
help would be appreciated… thanks in advance Bob Goll independence, ks

Hi Bob,

There are several ways this problem could be approached. The one selecte
d really depends on the faceter.

If I were recutting the stone, I’d select the cut I wanted 1st, then dop
based on the cutting sequence. However, since you’re starting with an
already cut round stone, I’d do as you mentioned. Dopr the pavilion of th
e existing stone & cut the crown of the new stone 1st. Dopping the
pavilion in a cone dop would keep the centerline of the 2 stones pretty much
inline. Long & Steele have several good hex shaped Barion cuts in their
Barions book. The depths run from 75-85% of the width.