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Help on Polishing

      Can anyone come up with a cheaper solution. We have been
working on magnetic polishers for awhile and can build one for
about $300US. You need special magnets and a curcuit to cause a
motor to turn one direction for awhile and then turn the other

G’day; What about having three powerful (old hard-disc) magnets
arranged on a rotating disc beneath a plastic box/bowl/dish
containing the steel ‘needles’ (Perhaps needle rollers from old
roller bearings? Or pieces of 10 gauge steel wire with the ends
smoothed?) It wouldn’t need to rotate very fast to make the
’needles’ shoot about in all directions. I’m not talking about a
production machine, but something to use for about 200-300 grams of
work. The motor could be one of those 6 volt motors one buys in
model-makers shops, used with a battery charger and a domestic
light dimmer, so you could adjust the speed to produce the effect
required. Just a $0.02 suggestion. I’d make something on those
lines, only I built a vibrating polisher from odd junk. (And told
you all about it ages ago) But I use it for chain only and it is
brilliant for that, but it isn’t good for anything much larger.

   / /    John Burgess, Nelson, New Zealand
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