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Help on photos for steamcasting


I need to include photos for the “Steam Casting Class”. Should I
include them on the emails. I can do this with out using
attachments, they just come up with the email, or I can put them
on my web site, number them and refer to them in the email of the
classes. I have written #3 Sprueing, and have taken the photos,
but now I do not know what to do.

All feed back will be appreciated!
Don Norris
PO Box 2433 Estes Park, CO 80517


Don ,

First you will have to scan the photos, save them, and to save
yourself some time and work,post them on your website for
reference for your onlookers. If you have to email everyone it
can be a bit cumbersome.

Russ Hyder


Don, Put them on your website. It will become a way for you to
advertise your site to jewelry buyers by providing information
about how jewelry is made. As they say, content is king.

Kathi Parker


Hi Don, I usually put photos on my website and assign a
particular page number to the site , then i send the website
adress to my customers in europe so that they can see the design
that i might be working on for them. I use microsoft front page
for this Purpose. This might be one way for you to do it.
sincerely, Daniel Grandi


Put the photos on your site, it will save bandwidth for those
who don’t want to look, but are receiving the list by modem every

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