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Help! Missing Rough Gemstones


Just to let you know I shipped a small iolite cab to a customer
insured mail US post office priority and its gone for good. My
advice for small but valuable stones : ship in a LARGE box, so
no one can put it in their pocket. I shipped in a very smalled
padded enveope that 'd easily fit in a shirt pocket. Dave

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I got an empty package from one of my suppliers via UPS. It
seems somebody opened the envelope, took out the gems &
findings, and re-sealed it. I guess nothing is safe!!


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I agree about the not shipping small, interesting looking
packages. Once my father sent a television to my sister in in
the original box that said television on the side. Did it arrive?
Of course not. Maybe You could try getting a stamp or sticker
that says Caution- Hazardous Biowaste on it or something.
Assuming the theives can read- Sorry about your loss, I know that
had to be major stressor—

Anne Stickney


The Jewelers Security Alliance has lots of suggestions for
shipping parcels. Not only do they suggest never shipping any
jewelry related items in anything smaller than a shoebox, they
also recommend not using any name on the parcel that would
indicate jewelry inside. For example, I have everthing shipped
to “GS, Inc” rather than GoldStones, Inc. and whenever possible,
I use initials or abbreviations for anyone I ship to. You may
even want to use someone elses address when shipping very
valuable items.

The JSA has an excellent book on security which it gives out to
its members. I don’t remember if you can buy it without
membership, but if anyone is interested, I will check.



Around these parts U.S. Mail and U.P.S. are favored. If using
the mail, register. It might be noted that Harry Winston sent the
Hope diamond to the Smithsonian by registered mail, although that
happened a long time ago.

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McLean, VA 22106


I always ship via UPS, and having once worked for them, I feel
they are the best option. Just be sure and always insure your
shipment. - in the case that you open the package and there’s
nothing inside- this is called concealed damage- UPS will
reimburse for this, But they reimburse the shipper, not the
shipped to addressee. As for the hazardous stickers- not good.
Here you are just asking for trouble, From the shipping company,
FBI, etc. There are certain laws and guidelines one must follow
when shipping a hazardous substance, and severe fines could be
imposed on you if you don’t follow them- or appear that you are
shipping something dangerous. (Mailing a wind-up alarm clock to
someone I’ve heard can land you 10 years in jail- my
father-in-law the postmaster) Be Carefull! Tim Goodwin



I’m definitely interested in security for shipping. Maybe the
Jewelry Alliance has a web site. Thanks, Foxy