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Help identify stone

Hi Folks,

I’m hoping that Mark Liccini or some one out there in Orchidland
might be able to help. About a year or so ago I bought a parcel
of citrine through the mail. When I opened the package my first
thought was that I had mistakenly been sent garnets. On further
examination, under color corrected lighting that I use to match
dental ceramics to the shade tab, the golden color of the stones
became much more apparent but the red was still there and very
intense. I understand that the GIA doesn’t like the use of
locational names but the closest thing that I have seen is the
Rio Grande do sol color of citrine. The Rio Grande is what I
would describe as a deep golden red, whereas the stones that
I’ve got are better described as deep reddish gold, the red
being the much more dominant color. The stones seem to glow
from within and the saturation (chroma in dental terms) of the
reddish gold color (hue in dental ceramics) is more intense than
in the Rio stones that I have seen. There is no gray
constituent (value in dental ceramics) to the color. They
exhibited color banding in only one of the 50+ stones, and that
stone looked like I had faceted it ( I have never seen a
faceting machine from closer than 50 ft.). They are eye clean
all except that one ‘step child’. I think every family has a
black sheep! Is there a specific name for this color of citrine
other than deep red/gold citrine:o)? This may sound dumb but I
hesitate to use the stones in jewelry because I really enjoy
just looking at them. They make me feel warm inside, in fact as
soon as I’m done here I think that I need another fix! Thanks
for any help that you can give me.


Skip Meister

Skip, maybe what you have is very dark Madiera Citrine. What is
the crystal shape is it pointed with generally 6 or 3 sided
symmetry or is it round like soccer balls? If the later then it
could be garnet… or maybe topaz or quartz or…?
really need more to determine.
good luck

Pls check [i.e. by measuring the physical constants] at first
that whether the stones are Quartz or not. Then the question of
the question of specific name will be arrisen. Mohiuddin

Hey Skip, have you tested these stones for radioactivity? I
mean what with the warm feeling you get around them and all. { :
But seriously citrine is citrine. You can call it whatever you
like. After all some creative types decided to call red beryl
red emerald.