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Help for workshop burns(was accident thread)

No workshop should be without an Aloe plant! The sap inside the
leaves heals burns almost instantly. The plants are very
inexpensive and easy to take care of. Once I got a massive burn
on my arm from accidentally leaning into a very hot lampworking
torch. Luckily I found someone with a large Aloe plant,opened up
a leaf and taped it onto my arm like a bandage. The burn
healed quickly and well-- it was just short of miraculous.

Here in Florida the aloe plants grow like weeds whereever they
get set down. Yes, they are a must in any studio and in the
kitchen (does anyone have time for cooking anymore?) Most any
nursery, even in the North, should carry aloe vera plants…cheap.
Good luck, Gini

No workshop should be without an Aloe plant!


i second that!