Help at show? & Tax Info

Hi all, First, I need an assisatant for the Contemporary Craft
Market Santa Monica Show June 6-8! My friend has hurt her back and
it would be awful for her to come with me. Anyone in hthe LA area
want to do a 3 day show with me…or know someone who would? Smart,
honest and friendly are the qualities I really enjoy working side by
side with at a show. Thanks! phone 310-377-1871 or email

Second in answer to that tax question of last month: can you deduct
gifts to chartiy of depreciated tools ? Yes! you can! According to
IRS publication #526, page 8 you can deduct based on fair market
value. Haven’t read the text yet, but was given this info via phone
by a tax attorney I was connected to for free consultation through
an 800# for support by Blue Shield Insurance co. hope this info is
helpful and hope one of you can be helpful at the show! kind

Marianne Hunter