Help about industrial CAD,CAM,CNC systems

Hi everybody!

2 big questions about manufacture

I’m a mexican industrial jeweller that’s having problems finding the
best CAD/CAM rapid prototyping system, I need the system to make
rings,charms, and some earrings.

I have been looking for modelmaster,roland and other machines , but
I’m thinking that 3 axys is not the best way to go, Now… I’m
looking for a 4 axys printer such MEIKO,THERMOJET…

so, I need “knowledge people” about CAD/CAM technology to make a

2nd Question::::

I don’t know anything about manufacturing of stamping hydraulic
press molds, and stamping molds, so I need to get “in” , so ,
which is the process to make an steel mold for hydraulic and
stamping? I have heard about Artcampro 5 to design, but what about
CNC machines…CNC machine, what’s that?, whta can do n
cnc machine?

Alberto Covarrubias
Mexican jeweller


You should lok at the Solid-Scape Modelmaker II for creating your
wax masters.

This machine is the most accurate and creates the best finishes of
all the RP machines available.


James, Contact Tommy or John at and ask them about the
differences between the RTM(rapid tool maker) and the model maker 2
before you decide they run both at their service business and sell
them too I believe.


Hi! James, Try Autodesk this company is the greatest. Autodesk has
the best programs.

Nancy G.