Hello, tools, equipment and supplies


I found the Orchid discussion forum on my Internet search for
jewelry supplies, tools and equipment. It was a great surprise to
find this discussion group.

I have been involved in jewelry making for over 20 years, mostly in
a retail setting. A year ago, I sold my shop with all of my
equipment and relocated to Maryland. Now I am getting anxious to get
back into jewelry making.

In the past I have dealt with Stuller, Rio Grande, Glendo Corp, just
to name a few of the supply houses. I am in the market for a
complete workshop. Primarily I am a fabricator so a rolling mill is
a must.

I would like to hear from other members of the list about supply
houses for equipment that they have used. So many companies have
disappeared such as Swest and Fargostein’s and many new ones have

Let me hear from you please.
Ed Smith