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Hello...New poster, long time lurker

Hi Everyone…have been a lurking member since 2016 and am finally posting and want to participate more. I’ve included a link to my gallery page on my website as I can’t really figure out how to attach photos here…I fabricate everything and don’t do a whole lot of casting, I make cloisonne enamel pieces, and I also teach metalsmithing locally (which I love doing). Thank you so much to everyone on this board - I have learned a lot from this group and now hope that I can give back as well. :slight_smile:

Camille Knutson


Lovely work! Thank you for sharing it. :heart:

Are you trying to add photos here or in the gallery?

At the top, there’s a download button and I just went to my computer and clicked on a photo.

I don’t have a gallery, so can’t help you with adding photos there.

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Hi Deborah
You’ve just started collecting a few photos? I have a few saved on my iPhone, via “Cloud”! I now have only 14,018 photos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1::uk::ring::canada:
Plus everyone of them are backed into multiple USB’s.

Good to have you here!
“Gerry, on my iPhone”

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I’m puzzled, it is a nice piece, excellent carving good composition and so on.
But this is a pure “sculpture” or showpiece?
Can you elaborate a bit, to enlighten me😏

It’s a pendant that detaches from the stand/dagger. And, it actually wears well, you just don’t want to hug anyone wearing it!

Many of my pieces have elaborate stands. Here’s another one.

She’s a pendant, too.


Composed of two stones I guess?
Held together by the “belt”?
Cool, but not for every day use😊

Love your jewelry!

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I really like your work- It is divine!

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Thank you!!!

Looooove your space!!!