Hello / goodbye

Hello, oh Orchid-ones… and good bye. The big red circle on my
calendar is staring me in the face–I’m now entering into full speed
pre-departure panic. In just a few days I’ll be on a plane whizzing
my way back to [beloved] San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I love my new
home, love the life I’m building there around the many supurb learning
opportunities. As with any change there are naturally a few
pangs–but I certainly didn’t anticipate a lack of email access being
one of them; I will miss this daily ‘plug-in’ tremendously. I’m
filled with such admiration, respect, gratitude for you all. So much
knowledge and skill and positive energy, so willingly shared. I look
forward to the point in the future when I’ve conquered the nightmare
process of acquiring a Mexican phoneline, so I can re-connect with
this wonderful community. Until then, should anyone have any
questions regarding San Miguel/environs, please don’t hesitate to
contact me: Andy Blair, box 168 A, c/o borderx@unisono.net.mx (This is
a mail service; I can receive up to five missives daily at no charge;
after that I pay through the nose. Needless to say, that puts an
Orchid subscription out of the question…)

I’ll be skimming through Orchid for the next couple of days when I
have breathers; then I’ll–ulp-- unsubscribe.

Sincere thanks to all of you, and much luck with all your misc.


Oh, by the way, should anyone actually find themselves IN san Miguel
(pssst–Vlatka), I’d be happy to meet/chat Re: jewellery, classes,
etc. I can be contacted by leaving a note in my box as above.
(Border Crossings is accross the street from the Post Office; very
easy to find.)

Good bye and good luck, Gordon.

If you get homesick for the Orchid forum, don’t forget, this stuff
all goes into the archives. If you can get to a computer/phone line,
you can always spend a few hours pouring over the stuff just to catch
up a bit. We’ll be waiting for the day when we will eventually hear
from you, because I’m sure, as far as Orchid is concerned. . .

You’ll be back.

David L. Huffman