Heinar Tamme's Engraving Master Series

Hello Everyone,

I have been traveling and am a few days behind in reading the Orchid
posts. In response however to the recent discussion about engraving,
there is a newly re-mastered and released set of DVDs which provides
comprehensive instruction in hand engraving.

Authored and produced by Master Engraver Heinar Tamme, the 14 DVDs
draw upon his formal european training and Mr. Tammes 50+ years
experience, to provide more than 25 hours of “over the shoulder” ,
“learn at your own pace” instruction for all engraving levels,
beginners through advanced. Topics range from the three disc
Beginners set: tool identification, creation, sharpening, selection,
uses and practice exercises to single disc advanced topics:
monograms, engraving jewelery items of all types, ornamental relief
engraving, ring carving, fine print making and many, many others. A
“Masters Master” Mr. Tamme’s commissions have included engravings
for Presidents Gerald Ford and John F. Kennedy, Apollo Astronaut
Buzz Aldren, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth and entertainers
Anthony Quinn and Sammy Davis Jr. to name just a few. He also
engraved the 80 pound silver Orange Bowl trophy for 18 years.

As a jeweler interested in adding engraving skills to my abilities,
I had been trying to learn hand engraving from books such as James
Meeks’ The Art of Engraving. I found out about Mr. Tamme’s videos
from the Orchid Archives and ordered a set. Within two weeks I had
progressed further than I had during the past 12 months. Because Mr.
Tamme had quit actively selling the videos when he retired, I spoke
with him several months later about making the widely
available once again. I just could not see this wealth of knowledge
continuing to sit unused in a box on his storeroom shelf! At 82
years old Mr. Tamme had no interest in doing so himself and
suggested instead that I purchase the rights from him and publish
them myself. Which I have done, transferring the original VHS format
to DVD and adding navigational bookmarks.

Much more can be found at:


Best regards to everyone,
Joe Bloyd
JNB Studio
Battle Ground, WA

Hello Everyone,

About a month ago I sent in a post discussing the release of a series
of videos (On dvd.) that provide comprehensive training on the
art/profession of hand engraving. Several of you emailed me
requesting that additional descriptive detail be added for each of
the dvds as well as a few sample video clips to provide information
about the teaching style of the producer and instructor, Master
Engraver Heinar Tamme. This follow-up is to let interested parties
know that the additional descriptive text and several video clips
have been added to the website and can be read/viewed at:
http://www.EngravingMasterSeries.com. Feel free to email me with any
additional questions, suggestions and comments that you have.

All the best,
Joe Bloyd
JNB Studio
Battle Ground, WA

I was to understanding from Heinar that I had bought one of the last
VHS that he had left. I can attest that it is the most informative
course that I have seen. I ask him about DVD and he didnt think he
had time to produce them. I also ask about me taking it on he said
he would think about it and get back to me. I guess i should have
pestered him.

Don in Idaho.