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Heikki Seppa

Howd’ye, Can anyone tell me if Heikki Seppa is alive and well and if
he is still teaching.I would greatly appreciate any info. In the
archives I read of students of his who are carrying on his traditions
so it seems he may have passed on.


I believe he’s still teaching in Canada. He does workshops.

Yes Annmarie, He lives in Bainbridge Is., WA. I don’t believe that he
teaches any more.


Heikki is alive and well - recently remarried and living on an island
near Seattle.

Heikki Seppa is alive and well and living on Bainbridge Island near
Seattle,Washington. He is building a new home and studio with his
partner Laurie Lyall.

Gina Pankowski

Yes, Heikki is alive and doing quite well. He has remarried to a
wonderful jeweler and lives with her in a new house near Seattle, if I
remember correctly. He rarely teaches workshops, but I was lucky
enough to attend one at the 92nd Street Y in NYC last January. I
really enjoyed it and highly recommend him as a teacher. The workshop
was organized by Tevel Herbstman of Allcraft and Jonathan Wahl of the
92nd St Y, two of the most helpful people in the metals scene in New
York. I would try to contact them if you cannot find any announcements
of workshops in the metals magazines/ newsletters. Juliet Gamarci