Heavy metals testing

With all the junk jewelry coming in from China full of lead and now
cadmium (guess plutonium is next) several parents of my daughter’s
friends have asked me if I can tell them if much of this crap from
Claires, RUE21, and Wally World is dangerous. I’ve made my daughter
all sorts of nice jewelry, but you know how it is if any of you have
young girls. They still like to play with the stuff their friends
get from stores like I mentioned above.

There are test kits readily available online to the retail public,
but they’re pretty expensive for what they are. Most test kits only
have about 8 swabs, so by the time you test claps etc., you’re
spending more than the piece cost in the beginning.

Do any of you have a good wholesale source for testing this junk?

Thanks in advance.