Heavy lacquer coating removal

Could anyone recommend a way to remove a heavy lacquer coating? I
was dragooned into repairing some cheap liturgical torches ( spun
brass disk and candle holder set into a pole) that looked as though
the torch bearers had beaten each other with them. The disks
straightened out fine with a plastic mallet but the lacquer coating
looks awful. Not really from pounding on it but from general wear and
tear. Is there any way to remove it? Thanks. IT’s nice to be back on

If you are sure that it is lacquer why not use lacquer thinner? It’s
available in most paint and hardware stores.

Joel Schwalb


Acetone should remove the lacquer - it’s the basis for most “paint
stripping” products. Depending on the thickness of the coating, you
may actually have to soak them for a while to get through the entire
layer. Look for the straight acetone, rather than nail polish remover
that “contains” acetone – you’ll get much better results.

Remember to use good ventilation and proper handling techniques to
guard against spillage.

Good luck!
Karen Goeller
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