Heavy international Freight

Dear fellow orchidions,

I also have a question about international freight, or actually
checked luggage and carry on. I am determined to not get all my
favorite hand tools, and sheet metals “disappear” during my up coming
move. What experiences have you all had checking in and problems
with carrying them on. Have you had any losses with the checked on,
for example: disappearing suitcases or emptied cases?? Have you had
the metal refused for take on and/ or the tools?? I am very concerned
with this and want to cover all problems well in advance.

Thank you all you wonderful people out there who unselfishly assist
all of us to enjoy of chosen life so much more than before. I
sometimes feel like you are all my second extended family and find
pleasure in all questions and answers. And of course to our founder
and supporter Hanaman a special thank you and praise.

Sharron in Saigon where it’s moving towards the ‘dry’ season. (read
HOT season)


If you carry any metal to the plane with you they will make you open
your bags. I recently purchased some displays in Paris and on my way
home they made me unpack my hand lugagge for inspection. Also check
with the airline for the weight and size limit on carry-ons.

Best wishes,
Vera Battemarco