Heavy Divider

I need to buy a proper divider, (or maybe it’s a pair of dividers). I have been making due with various older drafting tools, but would like to find a heavy divider that doesn’t flex when I am scoring a line. Can someone recommend one? I would be using it for layout mainly on silver sheet and stone setting. Thanks…Rob

My wife bought me these as a gift from Otto Frei… Although they don’t seem to have them anymore.


They work great!


Starrett Tools are the standard of the industry, the machining industry that is. They are pricey but are exceptionally well made and will last a lifetime.
A less expensive option would be these.

I found a set of tools that included a heavy divider at Harbor Freight a couple years ago.

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Try Murphy and Nolan in Syracuse. Sheet metal layout tools


FWIW I have the less expensive 3” pair from Gesswein and I really like them.

I discovered a couple of very nice dividers in an old drafting set that I hadn’t looked at in year. It belonged to my father in law who used it in electrical engineering school from which he graduated in 1929. Thanks for the replies…Rob