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Heavy curb bracelet

HI all

I need to make a heavy 9ct yellow gold curb bracelet (about 70 gms)
and would appreciate some advice on how to go about this job and what
type of solder I should be using ie high or low melting point? I am
hoping to make up the round links, solder them together, and then
twist the curb into the links.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/on how to go about
doing this kind of job?

Thanks in advance


Hi Dean, I would definitely use hard solder, and make sure all the
links are well soldered. The stress of twisting will certainly
challenge them. One of the videos in Alan Revere’s series is making an
ID bracelet that involves making and twisting a heavy chain. Well
worth checking out (as are all his videos). Available through Rio
Grande in Albuquerque.

All the best,

Dave Sebaste