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Heating element

Hi All… Would like help on locating heating element and
control for my steamer…Rheem Textile Syst. Model JEL-1 2
gallon 110 volt 1.5 KW never miss the water till well runs
dry…thanks clyde

Rheem is the same company as Hoffman you should have a dealer around
you. If not I could be of help but try your local dealer and save
freight. Kenneth Singh

Hi Clyde,

We can supply you with the parts you need. Give me a call or email
for more info. One way to keep from running it dry would be to do a
blowdown every day. Then you know it’s empty and can fill it every
morning. The blowdown is something that should be done regularly
anyway to clean out the tank and it doesn’t hurt to do it everyday.

If you are not sure what I’m talking about I can explain it.
Blowdowns are better and cheaper than using additives. If you need a
new steamer we also sell them.

Our phone number is 1-877-262-2185.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair