Heating Diamond


I am a dental technician from Australia, I have been requested to
place a diamond in a porcelain veneer. I was hopping if someone
could help me with some

I need to know if I can heat the diamond, the ideal situation would
be to heat it to about 1000 deg C but I can get away with 650 deg C
if I us a low fussing porcelain, I also need to know the coefficient
of thermal expansion of the diamond to make sure its compatible with
the porcelain or if not to adjust the firing temp to make them

I under stand that slow heating and cooling would be critical. If it
will not be possible fire the diamond with the porcelain with out
destroying it is there a non-toxic glue or bonding agent that can be
used? Although I would prefer to set it in the porcelain with out
the us of glue so that it remains easy to keep clean.

I thank you for your time and in advance for any help that you can
give me.

Daniel Stanilovic
2 Andleon crt, 3169,
South Clayton,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
03 8 502 8911

Dear Daniel, you’ll have no trouble heating the diamond to those
relatively low temperatures. I have done a few of these for a local
dental technician and found that a very fine platinum bezel setting
no deeper than the diamond itself solves any coefficient of expansion
anomalies. I’m in Sydney but have many colleagues in Melbourne that I
could recommend to you, if you wished, who would be happy to help
you. Kind regards, Rex Steele Merten, National President, Gold and
Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

In every “tooth set” diamond I’ve seen the diamond is set into a
bezel that has been fired into the porcelain. The stone is then set
last of all.

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040

Diamond starts to burn at about 875 degrees centigrate.