Heating Ametrine

I have a perfectly "balanced" ametrine and I'm afraid to try it >for
fear of shifting the color balance, or ending up with an all
>amethyst stone. 

Some types of Amethyst, when heated to the correct temperature, will
turn in to Citrine. That would probably happen to your Ametrine if
you heat it past the temperature - thus you probably would end up
with a nice Bi-color Citrine.

Best regards
Robert Lowe

Dear Robert, Assuming that the Ametrine in question came from the
prime source… the Anahi Mine in Bolivia, it is highly probable
that the citrine therein would revert to Amethyst as this is one of
the quirks of that source. In general, it is never a good idea to
subject Quartz gems to excessive heat as they are particularly prone
to loss or change of color with heat. Even placing amethyst in direct
sunlight for a period of time will bleach its color. And, while I
"have you on the line" let me suggest that you be a little more open
minded about Quartzsite. Your suggestion that it is plagued by
sandstorms is a gross exageration…most of the time the weather is
idyllic. I might even suggest that next time you are in that area you
stop in to one of the shows and pick up some nice merchandise for
your overpriced venue in Tucson. You are sure to get some high
quality items at a very good price which you can sell to the Tucson
attendees and thus alleviate your high overhead. You may even be able
to get a better price on Brazilian goods than
in Governador. Ate logo ! Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos CA