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Heather McGinley - Jewelry Gallery


Dingmans Ferry

Always being known for being seen and not heard, I constantly observe the beauty in my environment and surroundings. I notice the relationships between objects, unique proportions, and the way line and form compliment each other. I gather a lot of my inspiration from architecture, specifically Italian architecture from when I studied abroad in 2010.

Materials: sterling silver, 23k gold leaf
Dimensions: 4" x 2"

This modern yet simple cuff bracelet features an overlay of 23k gold leaf, meant to resemble the pattern of Italian marble

Photo credit: heather mcginley

Dingmans ferry, PA.

I have always had a fascination with art growing up. Whether it was painting, drawing, or sculpting, I was obsessed, but it was not until high school that I found my true passion of metalsmithing.
Shortly after, I lost my father to cancer, and went through one of the hardest periods in my life. I will never forget the day my jewelry teacher pulled me aside and told me "take all of what you're feeling, everything, and put it all into your art." From that day forward, I devoted all of my energy to art, and it became my therapy. My creativity and my need to design was my savior.

I went on to study sculpture at Marywood University, and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study abroad. I soaked up the culture and rich art history at SACI (Studio Arts Center International) in Florence, Italy. I was blown away and truly inspired by everything that surrounded me there, and found my artistic vision. My designs are my interpretation of the line, form, shape, and proportions of architecture that we see around us. I love working with sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones, and little hints of gold.

I continue to work towards my goals of growing my business, teaching others, founding my own studio, and establishing a scholarship for future art students in my father's name.

Materials: Sterling silver, 14k gold, topaz, smoky quartz

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick


Large hinge

Materials: Sterling silver, pyrite

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick


Domed leaves

Materials: Sterling silver, 14k gold, topaz

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick



Materials: Sterling silver, pyrite inlay

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick



Materials: Sterling silver, smoky quartz

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick


Owl earrings

Materials: Sterling silver

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick


Family crest

Materials: Sterling silver

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick


Owl ring

Materials: Sterling silver

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick


Hinge earrings

Materials: Sterling silver, 24k gold, topaz, smoky quartz

Photo credit: Geoff kudlick