Heat shrink rubber tubing

Hello all.

There are a number of magazine articles coming out with projects
using hollow rubber tubing, that I believe is heat shrink tubing
without stamping on it. This is used for jewellery projects,
including memory wire pieces were the memory wire is inserted into
the rubber tubing. I was told this kind of tubing usually comes from
an SPC Technology company…but I don’t know where to find one. When
I entered it on web search, they are all big companies selling
specalized equipment.

The problem is that I am in Canada and can’t seem to find anyone who
knows were to purchase this. I’ve tried craft stores, plumbing
supplies, building supplies and an electric motor service
company…all local. Can anyone advise me where to inquire?

Trudy Gallagher
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I’m not sure but maybe try electronincs and or electrical places. If
you could find a store carying electronics and componetry they might
also carry heat shrink tubing for something. Might be worth looking
into anyways.

Zoe Hardisty

Hi trudy. heat shrink tubing can be purchased from electronics
stores, it is used instead of the plastic type tape for covering
joins in wires. comes in lots of sizes and colours, too. I won’t
recommend a store as i am in Australia, but any shop that caters for
the hobbyist electronics should have some…

good luck, christine

For heat shrink tubing, I would recommend the following resources:
Radio Shack
McMaster-Carr http://www.mcmaster.com
Mouser http://www.mouser.com
Digi-Key http://www.digikey.com
Surplus companies: All Electronics http://www.allelectronics.com

Electronic Goldmine

Hi Gang,

It should be pointed out though, that shrink tube is a plastic, not
a rubber. Once it is heated to cause it shrink, it isn’t really
considered ‘flexible’.


Try model stores. RC hobbyists use it to waterproof their car / boat
/ plane’s electrical connections.


I used to be a broadcast engineer–back in the days when you
actually had to have a government license (“First Phone”). We got our
heat-shrink tubing from the local electronics supply house. Radio
Shack also carries it. It has been around in the electronics industry
for many moons.

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