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Heat shield

cory, I use vigor heat shield for “special” times when I a
repairing next to a heat sensitive stone that for whatever reason
I decide not to remove. You must get in and out very quick to
keep from drying out the compound. You must pack it heavy on the
top and sides of the stone and don’t forget the underside too.
Be sure to cover it anywhere a piece of wire leads to the stone
to prevent heat from traveling that pathway. It is not something
I would recommend for silver because the whole piece usually
needs to heat up to flow solder. I personally prefer the form
that has to be spread on instead of the kind that comes in the
:“whipped cream” can for economic reasons. Don’t pickle with it
on, just let it cool and soak off in water then steam. I use wet
cotton pads 99% of the time but it is a life saver the other 1%.
Good luck, Patty