Heat Discolored Emerald

I hope your friend has a good liability policy covering her, because,
IMHO, she is in the maket for a large emerald or a large and nasty
lawsuit. If her customer is an old and valued friend (you mentioned
that she has worked on this ring before,) bring the customer up to
speed on the problem NOW !! I am not aware of any way to mend the
emerald (You never NEVER !! heat an emerald !!) It may be the oil
orininally used to treat the stone that burned, It may have been dirt
and crud accumulated on the stone that burned (and cleaning an emerald
can be as dangerous as heating one) If we are talking a major-bucks
stone here, (and large and emerald usually equals major bucks ) I
would consult an emerald expert (with the emphasis on Expert) to see
if anything can be done with the stone, but I’m afraid she’s looking
at replacing it. There are some repair jobs that you just have to

Mike Biscay