Heat-colored copper

Can someone tell me if copper that is colored with heat from a torch
will retain this color or how much it will change over time. Can it
be waxed, lacquered or otherwise treated to retain the color?

A good 10 years ago, I made a large copper bowl that I colored with
the heat of my torch. It still retains its color today. Hope that helps. MP

I have heat colored copper with a torch and then used an clear
acrylic spray. Some of these pieces are 3-4 years old and nothing has
changed, the copper has not oxidized. Joel @schwalbstudio

Heat patina on copper is quite durable in my experience. I have a
heat-patinaed copper bola tie that I made more than a year ago which
has maintained it’s color quite well. I have even found that I can
polish heat-patinaed copper pieces with Zam and the color just
brightens rather than coming off. Lee Einer

The deep, bright, intense copper reds are very stable. I have some
pieces which were done about 12 years ago and there’s been no color
shift whatsoever. Wax or lacquer isn’t needed to improve the stability
of the color, but either product will intensify it a little.

The duller salmon-brown, orange, or lighter (ands duller) reds seem
to “brown”, fade, or darken over time, but they will still retain some
of their redness. Wax or lacquer will intensify the color a little,
but do not seem to help much with color retention over a long period.

Rene Roberts

Phill & Ann - I have several peices done in a rich red heat Patina
that are at least 5 yrs old & have not lost their color - I wear them
all the time - I coated them about 4 times w/johnson paste wax - just
polish by hand between coats - carefully - just to get a sheen - not
to heavy on elbow grease - then ocassionaly add more wax Aileen