Health hazzards from ear wires

I am not set up for hospital sterilization I do not allow these
items to be tried on before purchase, and if I must accept a return
I destroy the ear wire. 

G’day; sufficient heat destroys all known bacteria.
Bacteriologists, for instance use thin wires to deliberately infect a
sterile growth medium to culture particular bacteria. These wires
are always passed through a flame before touching a source of
infection - taking around half a second - and the thin wires, much
the same gauge as ear wires. are completely sterilized. So there’s
no need to throw them away. The heat of a match or lighter flame is
enough, and they don’t have to be made red hot. I personally have
proved this beyond any shadow of a doubt. – Cheers for now, John
Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ