Heading for Quartzsite

Hello, I’m headed out for quartzsite here in a few days, and was
wondering about a couple of things…

is there anywhere I can get silver in or around quartzsite? (round
wire, small to medium gauges) I’m currently almost out, doing ok on
finished stock, but would like to be able to replace inventory on a
daily basis.

What can I expect as far as climatic difficulties?

This is my first time to Quartzsite ever. It’s my first time in ten
years, to even come close to the neighborhood and I’ll be travelling
with my 9yo son, so any input and advice will be welcome. I’ll be in
the Tyson Wells lot for 20 days. Rock and Gem (space A-8) plus
Sell-a rama. (space A-4) I have a feeling it’ll be fun. stop on by
for a visit, when you get a chance


Sparrow; Well your in for a unique experience. As for any kind of
services there they are few and far between. I know of no place to
get metal there unless another vendor happens to be selling it.
Maybe you could have it sent from Rio or somewhere general delivery
to the post office. Just think worlds biggest flea market throw in a
few resturants, gas stations and a grocery store and you’ve about got
it. As for the weather generally warm days and cold nights. While
day time can get into the 70’s expect more 60 ish temps with nights
falling into low 40’s or even 30’s you will find that vendors don’t
rush out to be open at the crack of dawn, they wait till it warms up.
Any other questions feel free to e-mail me.

Dave Owen