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Having trouble with slotted twist wire

Ok, I’m trying to shape this slotted sterling twist wire around my oval and I’m trying to think of the best way to do this?

Rachel,. I’d be certain the slot is the right size for the job first. Then Id anneal the twist, pickle it well and then bind it to your plate with iron wire. Wrapping the wire cross wise many times. That’s pretty old school but I think it may be your best choice.

Others will have a notion as well I am sure.

Good luck

Don Meixner

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Yeah, I was sure to order the 20g slot for 20g sheet. Looking closer at it, I see some parts of the slot are pushed in a bit or not cut wide enough.

Treat it like a spinner ring. Solder the slotted wire to a size that just gets it over the oval and then carefully forge the oval a little bigger so that the wire is drawn into place. Then try to run solder around the groove to secure it in place. You might try to pre-solder the groove a bit first. Otherwise, just start at one end soldering every inch or so until you get to the other end using whatever jigs or wire is needed to hold it in place. Final suggestion, find someone with a pulse arc welder. Good luck…Rob

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I had another thought. As you bend that grooved wire around it will likely want to close up the groove a little. You may want to relieve the edge of the plate a little bit but not too much if you can figure out how much not to much is.

Do you have enough extra to experiment?


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Thank you Rob! :slight_smile: that was one of my first thoughts, to solder the very beginning of the wire down 1st. I just wanted to make sure I had the right length down and it might get awkward at the end trying to saw the extra piece off while a lot is soldered down

Thank you Don :slight_smile: I have about 1"-2" extra of the slotted wire that I could practice with but It’s still attached. Actually rocking it while holding the first edge down is helping to open the slot as I go and also using my rawhide mallet to tap it in helps this process too. I may need to reanneal the wire again though.