Has the move to digital changed anything

Using a scanner…

I’m just using the surface of photoshop possibilities, I do love
having my images in a folder on the computer as opposed to slides! I
now scan my pieces as they are finished (on my canon
printer/fax/scanner). I’ve found that it does a really surprisingly
good job. (Looks better if you put white paper or anyother paper or
cloth or? as a background). That way they are documented even before
they get to a professional photographer. Then Photoshop allows me to
adjust the size of an emailed image according to the needs of the
recipient. (It’s rather inconsiderate to send enormous files to
someone who hasn’t asked for one). I like being able to crop and
image to best advantage, and adjust color and contrast.

Marianne Hunter

Greetings all,

In regards to Marianne’s comment about digitally filing her images,
I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for the past couple of years to keep
track of all my images. Works great. I’ve got somewhere north of
20,000 images stored in it. It lets you keyword and caption tag the
images as you import them, so that you can then search them easily.
Tracks images on offline DVD’s, and does basic color correction, lens
compensation and cropping, all without having to crank up photoshop
itself. (Pretty much any of the basic “fix the photo” corrections. It
can’t handle serious retouching, but that’s photoshop’s game.)
Handles anything from JPG’s to raw files.

I used it a lot for doing lecture talks: if I wanted examples of
cuttlefish cast pieces, or raising or whatever, I just searched on
the keywords, and immediately got a list of all of the images I had
with matching keywords. Quick, simple, and painless. The only real
PITA is being religious about keywording images as you import them.

No affiliation, just a satisfied user.

If I am sending several rings or other items out on consignment I
place them in a piece of ring pad and photo copy them. This gives me
and the shop an exact size record of the ring proportions, details
of stone or whatever is necessary to record for our mutual records. I
also scan the pad with the rings rings or chains, pendants, brooches
as well. I use scans in photoshop to produce cost sheets or invoices.
I also photograph everything for high quality records of work.
Photocopies, scanners and digital photography have made life so much

David Cruickshank

Howdy all; I use a small program called google picasa for most
simple photo editing for jewelry photos to send to clients. It is
quick, simple, and it doesn’t change your original photo’s. From
picasa you can upload to the web, email etc. You can download,
organize, crop and mail all of your photos in a simple and easy way.
It is free from google I LOVE it…

Sandy Sanderson