Has anyone burned out Nylon (Monofilament fishing line)?

I was curious if anyone has tried burning out monofilament fishing line which is a type of nylon.

I’m going to assume that since it’s a synthetic/man-made material, it will probably leave ash. From what I’ve read, it seems that most plastics leave ash, but I assumed that was from being petroleum based. I’m not sure if Nylon will leave ash or not. I will give it a shot but was wondering if anyone already knows the answer.

Ash could be blown out, but of course is better to avoid if possible.



Not exactly the same thing but 9 years ago I was experimenting with lots of different materials. Organics mostly: bugs, leaves, wood, etc. mostly with very good results. I then found a set of Cowboys and Indians made out of some form of synthetic material. Bendable ugly green. I had ordered them from a comic bool mail order ad some 55 years earlier. I thought I would like to pass them on some day so I decided to try to invest one and burn out and cast in sterling (vacuum cast) it worked so well with a very long high temp burnout cycle that I ended up doing a complete set for my only grandson. When I sent them to him recently he was thrilled. What a joy to know that history and posterity has bee preserved. Here is a picture in a cigar box presentation case I constructed.


I have cast plastic Easter eggs and even the two parts pop together when you lightly sand down the locking lip on them. Also cast old 35mm film canisters.
Have fun!

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I’ve never seen such nice ones, even in plastic! Good job!