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Hardness testing of gold strip

Hi Guys,

Some two days ago somebody came to my tool room to test the hardness
of the Gold strip (thickness o.70 mm). Can anyone suggest me how can
I check the hardness. Though I do have Rockwell hardness tester, but
the indentation it made on the strip was more deep than the
thickness of the gold strip. I am a newbie in the jewelry field. And
also this is my first posting on Ganoksin.

So, I want to apologize if I am asking a rather simple question.

Please accept my thanks in advance, for the suggestion you provide.


You need a micro hardness tester preferably a Vickers type indenter
although you could also use a Knoop style.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

In my day job I work at a machineshop working on automotive parts,
we have an electronic hardness tester which works basicly the same,
but has lots of hardness scales programmed in it. I would think maybe
the brinell scale would be more use with gold. Try asking at a local
engine reconditioners if they have a brinell hardness tester - I
think gold would never get hard enough to register on the rockwell

Best wishes,
Philip in sunny Nelson !!