Harder carving wax

Does anyone have any formulae for making carving waxes harder? I
have been doing some finely detailed work and find that even
green carving wax is a bit soft fordelicate detail . I haver read
in a couple of books that you can blend your own waxes but this
seems to rely on mixing commercially available waxes which are
all going to make hard wax softer. Any suggestions? Tiom.

I too would also like to get a harder was for very fine detail.
I have used Ferris Purple wax but would like even harder less
flexible. Is there a mixture that would work? Ron

Hi Tim, I use a freeze spray that i can freeze my wax or carving
tools… you may achieve a temporary hardening effect by putting
the wax in a freezer. I get my freezing spray from mcmaster carr

http://racecarjewelry.com/page03.html Daniel Grandi

Hi Ron,

Ferris Green is harder than the purple. Have you tried it?

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
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No formula - but I used to know someone who did beautiful,
detailed carvings, and he cooked up his own waxes using things
like candle ends, plastic shopping bags – basically whatever he
could find. Maybe you have time for a little experimentation?

Hi, try plastic! It’s hard, retains its shape, and burns out.
It may be a little harder to carve, but it has most of the
properties you’re looking for.

God bless,

Dear Tim,

This is Michael Knight  at F. E. Knight Inc., manufacturers of

CASTALDO rubber and wax.

But we have an excellent injection wax that is also hard enough

to machine and carve. I’d be happy to send you a 5-lb free

Some people use it "as is"; others use it to harden their

current waxes.

Anyone else interested?? Please send me your shipping address-

no P.O. boxes.

	Michael knight

F.E. Knight, Inc., 120 Constitution Blvd., Franklin, MA 02038 |
508/520-1666 FEKnight@ziplink.net |

When I am sculpting and need a harder wax, I just put it into
the freezer for a minute or two. I have even froze it over night
to make a very soft wax hard enough to file.

Don Norris
PO Box 2433 Estes Park, CO 80517

With respect to your problem, I used to be a candle maker,
and used to add Stearin, or Stearic acid to my wax to harden it
when making candle shells in which a softer wax was then poured.
What you are trying to do is alter the polymer chain and it might
be possible to harden even a “hard” wax.
Hope this helps.
Brian P Minnear

I too would also like to get a harder was for very fine detail.
I have used Ferris Purple wax but would like even harder less
flexible. Is there a mixture that would work?

Tim and Ron,

Call Kindt Collins wax company (800)321-2170. Talk to them
about what you are after. Cynthia uses Filo wax from Kerr that
Kindt Collins makes. Kindt Collins will be able to set you up
with what you need. They have waxes that are used on laths,
making a nut and bolt that is so sharp edged that it feels like
it is out of steel. Also, all green waxes are not the same (nor
are red, blue, purple, pink, etc.). Every manufacturer makes a
particular colored wax different than the next mfgr. Don’t go
by color, go by how it acts and works…

John Dach

Try to add some orange shellac. have not tried it but it might
work the other I might think is carnuba wax …

Ron - I’ve been carving figurative sculptures for years and i
think that there’s nothing better than the Ferris Blue Carvex to
work with. The Green Carvex and to some extent the purple, are
too brittle. They also clog up my files. Whereas the blue can be
easily filed. The BIGGEST problem I face is the next generation
of models produced from molds. Dependant on softer injection
waxes I have been unsucessful in finding anything that closely
approximates the durability and ‘carveability’ of the blue. I’m
hoping Michael Knight’s suggestions are the answer. Kim Eric


I have had a lot of trouble with Ferris wax tubes (green) of
late. The wax is cracking, often it has tiny little cracks right
out of the box before its even cut. Its not old, we order every
couple of months and go thru many tubes each month. I have been
using Ferris for years and this is the first trouble we have
had. I have been throwing the duds in a box to return for
replacement. I ordered Kerr tubes today, hopefully they will be
less brittle. Its kind of weird.

Mark P.

I too would also like to get a harder was for very fine detail.
I have used Ferris Purple wax but would like even harder less
flexible. Is there a mixture that would work?

Check with an industrial supplier, there’s a product called
’Machinable Wax’ that’s used for some applications. It’s usually
sold in blocks or cylinders. A 7x3x3" block is about $ 13.00, a
12x6x3" is about $44.00, a 24x24x2" is $212.00.

It has a 575 deg. F flash point & is nontoxic. MSC Industrial
Supply (800-645-7270) stocks it. the 7x3x3" block is item

I’ve never gotten any wax from them, but lots of other items.
They’re good folks to do business with.



Thank you for responding to the question of hard carving wax. I
would like to take advantage of your generous offer for a free
sample. Also, as I am a beginner in the field of
metalcasting/jewelery making, if you have any info as well that
you could forward, that too will be appreciated greatly!! My
shipping address is:

Rod Gardner
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Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
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