Hardening Argentium Sterling in a kitchen oven

Hi, I would like to share a couple of tips. These are things that I
learned recently through helping a couple of friends:

  • Though the oven does not need to be spotless, it should be pretty
    clean. If there are food drippings on the bottom, of the oven, the
    smoke of that food being heated to over 550 degrees can discolor the

  • Avoid discoloration or contamination by placing the Argentium
    Sterling on a clean soldering pad, or a clean Pyrex dish. It is not
    recommended to use a metal rack or a metal pan.

  • If the Argentium Sterling Silver gets discolored from being
    hardened in the oven, pickle will usually clean it. (Then, if
    necessary, I suggest using a Goddards Long Shine Silver Cloth or a
    brass brush lubricated with soapy water to refresh the shine.)

Here are the basic directions for heat hardening Argentium Sterling
Silver: Heat at 580 degrees F (299 degrees C) for 45 minutes to 2
hours, and then air-cool.

  • The alloy will not lose its hardness if left in the oven longer.
    (Since my oven goes only to 550 degrees F, I usually heat it for an
    hour or more at 550 degrees F.)

  • Unlike many other alloys, it does not need to be quenched in order
    to be hardened.

  • Should the need arise, the alloy can be softened by conventional
    annealing and then hardened again.

Cynthia Eid

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Cynthia Eid mentions what one puts their Argentium Silver on to heat
treat in the home oven.

Jay Whaley recently told me the Solderite Boards he sells are
perfect to use under Metal Clays. I imagine they will also work for
the Argentium. <www.whaleystudios.com>

A happy Whaley Student