Hardening 18k Green Gold

i’ve just made a braided wedding band from au75% ag25%. is there
a way to harden this alloy further ? i love the finished product
however i would like to have it more resistant to losing it’s
shape . thanks in advance. scott in hotlanta


My rings also need to be hardened up a bit, but I usually just
work them until they start getting uncooperative. Can you flex
the braid a bit without altering the ring too much? I’d have to
see your work to be able to advise you for sure.

I just finished a ring that is made with Peach Gold (Reg.
Hoover&Strong) and palladium white gold, all 18K, and it was
quite malleable for a long time. I changed it back and forth
between size 13 and 16 at least a dozen times before it started
stiffening up.

Loren Damewood

Dear Scott, There is some about gold hardening in the
Gold Technology Magazine, edit by the World Gold Council -
www.gold.org - . This subject have been discussed in the issues
number:1, 2, 4 &14.