Hard to find wire

Still looking for help here. I do not have a Stuller acct., and have
not been able to locate any yellow gold 24ga half-round wire. I am
willing to modify my original design some and get by with 6 feet of
this wire if only I could find some to purchase, or someone who has
a drawplate that could make some for me. Thanks, Gail

Gail, You can make it yourself. I read a tip from Alan Revere on
making your own half-round wire. Divide the wire into two pieces and
solder one end together. Take this and run it through some round
carbide wire dies until the correct size. Running two pieces through
at the same time causes the wire to flatten in the center. Snip off
the end you soldered and anneal. You don’t need to buy an expensive
drawplate. You can buy individual round carbide dies from Progress
Machine & Tool starting at $6 each. A few would probably take care
of you. Usual disclaimer, not associated with Progress(even though
they do have a dream tool catalog). In fact, my dies came from Swest
over 20 years ago. Good luck.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

fold round wire in half and draw it though and then you will have
two sections of 1/2 round.

from april