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Harbor Freight's small torch kit

Hello Everyone,

I recieved a Harbor Freight cataloge today, as I searched each page
as I always do I came across a SMALL WELDING TORCH KIT (below is
copied from the HF website)) I was wondering if any of you owned this
kit and I would like to know what you think about it. If you would
like to look at the picture go to the HF website and type in the
item number. I don’t know enough about torchs to know if it would be
worth the 84.99, it looks/reads like it would to me really. But I
used a little pencil butane torch until I almost lost my mind and
asked you all for help. (it was a good lil pencil torch but not for

SMALL WELDING TORCH KIT Lightweight and extremely portable, this
complete outfit is ideal for soldering, brazing and small welding
tasks common to HVAC, jewelry and home repair. Works with standard
1lb disposable propane and MAAP=AE cylinders (not included). Acetylene
and propylene can also be used. Includes torch handle, tip, oxygen &
fuel regulators, 6 ft. hoses (B connection) and 1lb. cylinder
carrier. Rugged enough for HVAC work, convenient enough for
hobbyists Braze or solder materials up to 1/8’’ Easy to use in tight
spaces Durable and flexible hoses Gentec# 22-GKSTP14-T ITEM
3687-0VGA $84.99

at the site you can download the manual, I like being able to do
that. Safty instructions mostly, What do you think about this torch?
I value each opinion on this list. – thanks in advance Jurnee Moon

You mentioned silver work. In general, to fabricate silver items,
oxygen added to a gas makes a small very hot flame that is not good
for silver use. Silver conducts heat extremely well and the whole
thing needs to reach soldering temperature in order to solder.
Soldering and annealing silver works best with a gas/air torch such
as PrestoLite or natural gas and compressed air. You need to tell us
more about what you hope to do with this setup to get good advice.

Marilyn Smith


I still haven’t committed to buying a grownup torch, so I’ll be
paying close attention to the responses you get.

Do you need two tanks (one fuel, one oxygen) for this torch? The
torch is made by Genstar Technologies. Their website
( lists all kinds of setups, including some
that don’t require a second tank. I didn’t see detailed specs, such
as temperature range, but they might be on another page.

I didn’t see prices, either, so you may want to contact them for


if its the torrch that it shows it looks like the little torch for
disposable tanks not a bad torch but a little expensive cause you
have to keep buying little oxegyn tanks but its not a bad torck at

    I recieved a Harbor Freight cataloge today, as I searched each
page as I always do I came across a SMALL WELDING TORCH KIT  
(below is copied from the HF website)) I was wondering if any of
you owned this Jurnee Moon 

Hi Jurnee;

Yep, got one and it’s great. It’s easily as well made as the Smith
"little torch" except for the fact that it only comes with a number 4
tip. The little torch tips will fit it, but they’re not cheap. So
you’ll spend another $27 or so for each additional tip you want,
which you can get from anyone selling the Smith torch. Now the
disposable propane regulator is really useful. For around $7-10 you
can get a fitting to allow you to refill disposable propane bottles
from a larger propane tank, so you can avoid having the big white
bottle indoors or snaking a line to it when it’s outdoors. It’s not
legal to have a big bottle of propane indoors, too dangerous, but you
can have the little ones inside. Now the oxygen regulator is less
useful, since the disposable oxygen bottles are expensive and don’t
last long, but it might be handy if you just needed to be able to
size a few rings on site at a craft fair and didn’t want to haul a
bigger, high pressure oxygen bottle. For the price, the Harbor
Freight deal is a good buy. I also got a great little ring enlarger
with rollers for $19 and I’m still waiting for the small bench
shear/bender. I got a visor with 4 interchangeable lenses, cheap,
don’t remember how much, but equivalent to one I bought from another
jewelry supplier for $45 plus this one lets you use one or two lenses
at a time to get 10 different magnifications. I got a pair of
micro-snips from them though that weren’t worth spit, no temper, and
when I tried to re-temper them they snapped. Good thing they were
only a couple bucks. But so far, the 1/16" alphanumeric stamps have
worked just fine. Also at a great price. For a couple bucks, you can
get a nice ring clamp, but it’s plastic and you need to rough up the
plastic wedge with sandpaper or it just slips out of place.

David L. Huffman

Jurnee, I still don’t know what you want to do with this torch. The
metal and the size of the metal makes a big difference. Do you want
to solder gold jump rings or do you want to fabricate gold, copper,
silver, jewelry and if so, how big? How long do you want the tanks
to last before you get refills or replacements.

Marilyn Smith

Save Your money and pass over it. Acetylene & Air torch would be best
low cost first torch


Hi Janet,

The last HF catalog got had 2 different oxy/acet torches in it.

One was the small, Little Torch, sized one that used disposable oxy
& propane/MAPP gas canister. If I were you, I’d stay away from this
one. Replacing the empty oxy canisters will bankrupt you.

The same catalog had a larger welding set that came with 2 larger
refillable tanks. If I remember correctly, the acet tank was the MC
tank & the oxy was a 40 cu ft. tank. The welding torch was a full
sized torch with changeable tips.

While the torch from the 1st set would be nice for gold work, the
tanks are too small. The tanks from the 2nd set are convenient for
jewelers, but the torch is to big for most work. Too bad they don’t
offer a mix of the small torch & large tanks.

Check with a local welding supply for tanks & regulators. The Little
Torch may be available from them also. but most likely you’ll have
to get it from a jeweler’s supply.

A torch, regulator & set of tanks is a once in a lifetime buy. Get a
good one the 1st time. It’ll cost less in the long run.


You can usually pick up small torch sets at pawn shops for very
reasonable rates. I was able to get one for about $100 for both
tanks, regulators, and a torch. As has been mentioned, most torches
are too big for most work unless you are doing casting or large
silver pieces. If you are interested in silver work then just get
the Smith Handi Heat Air-Acetalyne torch body, hose, and a couple
different tips to go with the tanks. Prestolite has a similar
torch, but I don’t like it as well. Just store the Oxygen bottle
until you need it for gold work or casting. Or sell it off to pay
for the torch.

Paul Ewing