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Harbor Freight Mini Rolling Mill for $190

I was wondering if anyone had one of these or has seen one. I know
it seems small, but I can’t drop 500+ on a rolling mill, but would
very much like to have one handy. Right now, if I need to roll
anything, I have to drive half an hour to my friend’s jewelry shop.
Kinda makes working at home rough. Here’s the link in case anyone’s
interested in buying one.


I have the very same rolling mill (although I bought it from Swest
in about '97). Recently I discovered that the end of the smooth
roller was cracked so I ordered a replacement roller from Harbor
Freight (and it is exactly the right part). It’s going to have to
fail in a bigger way before I’m upgrading.

Good luck!

I have one which is similar which I bought for $175 from ebay. It is
made in India. It does its job. I did a lot of research before I
bought it. I made my decision to buy this one partly because I read
the “Basic Tools” section in the Archive where Mr. Lewton-Brain
remarked that Indian ones were okay but “you needed a contact in
Bombay.” If you search the Internet, you can find the Indian
manufacturer’s website. They don’t have an American distributor but
you can buy directly from them. They are, however, not as cheap as
$175. They also want letters of credit and you can’t pay with PayPal.

If you are buying from ebay, be sure to check. I saw any person
selling the same thing for $750.-

Have fun rolling!

Call Andy the tool guy at stuller. He set me up with a very nice
mill for around $300.

The mill that harbour freight sells is not worth the money I have
repaired two of them for people, the rollers crack most of them have
been overhardened or not properly heat treated they break where the
handle attaches and the frames crack, you would be better off buying
a used one like a durston or a cavalin even if the rolls are damaged
I can resurface them for fifty bucks if they are not totally
trashed, if they are real bad I can anneal them and remachine them
then reharden them and even do custom patterns in them you can
email me here or call me at 520 751 6324 Kevin Potter