Harbor Freight air eraser kit

Hello all, I must ask a question from the person(s) using the air
eraser purchased from Harbor Freight. Finally, my kit arrived and
the instructions are pretty limited. What do you use for an air
source? Either cans of compressed air or an air compressor are
indicated. Nothing about psi or cfs or hp, etc. to help select an
air compressor. I don’t think I want to be constantly buying cans of
compressed air, which is the alternative to an air compressor. Your
experiences are requested. What works and what to avoid. TIA. Judy
in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
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Judy: your best be is an expensive compressor capable of 45-100PSI
at 2-4 CFM. Your little air eraser is probably a copy of the Paashe
unit and that requires 35-50PSI at 1.5 to 2 CFM. Generally an
inexpensive unit from Sears of even Harbor freight will do the trick.
Look for a tank size on the compressor of about 25-32 gallons which
will give you enough pressure reserve that the eraser will work and
the compressor won’t have to be running all the time.


Lone Star Technical Services

Hi Judy;

You might consider using a refillable air canister. I’ve seen them
at WalMart and I believe I’ve also seen them in the Northern catalog
(Northern is another company like Harbor Freight). In fact, I
haven’t looked, but Harbor Freight might have them too. What they
are is a tank that looks like a small version of the ones on air
compressors. About 10 inches in diameter and about 18 inches long.
They have a pressure guage/regulator and a spigot that looks like the
air valve on an automobile tire. This small valve is where you fill
the tank when you take it to your local gas station and pump it up.
Don’t know how much pressure they’ll hold, but one refill should give
you quite a bit of time with an air-brush.

David L. Huffman