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Happy Holler-Days

Dear Wonderful Orchids,

The longest night has come and past in the Northlands!

The light is returning to the Northlands! Hurrah!

Alas, the pinnacle of light passes from our Southerly friends
and begins returning our way!

Enjoy these moments, wherever you may be, Enjoy this life, enjoy
these friends and this consanguineous fellowship.

The perfection of everything resides in our hearts…

All health
All well being
All happiness
All joy
All love
Surrounds You
All ways

All the best in all things,


         Mystical Grits
     Wm. Augustus Mason

Metaphysical Art Jewelry, Lapidary, Energy Tools
Crystals & Gems, Food Design & Creation
Original Spiritual Space Jazz Heart Music
Furniture Design
Ideas, Fantasies, Visions, Conscious Creations
Feel Good, Be Happy, Enjoy LIFE!
POBox 2651
Easley, South Carolina USA